By: Oscar J Gomez   |   On: August 2, 2012 - 5:12am   |   0 Comments   |   introduction, launch

Welcome to my website. My name is Oscar and I'm on this planet to program. Its been my interest ever since I saw Super Mario 64 camera clip into a wall. You could see everything behind the scenes a bunch of colored triangles all touching to form an environment. My immediate thought was someone put all that together with numbers. Thats when the craving began and its been a fun ride ever since.

My current interests at this point are quick and easy web development and all that it entails to be able to release a full fledged product. To do this I have been working with PHP and MySQL for many years, and have just started getting into jQuery for the front end. You see I'm a back end developer kind of guy. The user facing visual side is my weakness but I'm getting better at it by referencing the most popular sites out there in user interface and design.

Recently I put together a commercial entertainment website to finally test my capabilities. It was really fun to work day in and day out with my team to get a fully functioning site out and into the public scene. Its the first time I use such famous tools like Google Analytics for tracking and Google AdSense for monetizing. Better late than never!

I plan to use the site to demo all of my current projects and explain every cool new thing that I learn in my coding life and as an entrepreneur in the not so techy but growing city of Houston, Texas. I've been meaning to do this for a while. I usually got stuck trying to decide if I should blog for my lifestyle company's site or on the current endeavor I was working on, but now I say screw it! Its time to have an outlet just for myself.

So be sure to check back often. I plan to post up a new blog at least once a week if not more. Back to work!

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