By: Oscar J Gomez   |   On: September 14, 2012 - 11:52am   |   0 Comments   |   games, development

Recently I have been revisiting an old passion of mine, video game development. My last commercial game title Pac-Ball surpassed one million downloads over the summer. The relative success of the game has enabled me to be able to live off of this single app and allowed me to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. Now that a few companies have come off the ground I am ready to get back in the game development business!

It has been a passion of mine to work on games ever since I was a kid when I saw a glitch in Super Mario 64. The game's camera clipped into a wall and everything behind the scenes was visible. It got me thinking someone put all this together, and I have been reading up on how to make my own games ever since. In my sophomore year of high-school I took a Computer Science course and I built a pong and breakout clone over the winter break. When I got back I immediately demoed it to my teacher and he said "you didn't make that..." I laughed and started explaining the source code.

Since then I've been learning at my own pace hacking away at my own projects always pursuing a challenge I'm interested in. Showing people my games and having them enjoy playing them is where the real goal lies. Which brings me back to Pac-Ball. Since its initial release I have been slowly making improvements, update after update. A year into the project I was able to live off of this single game. It's an amazing feeling being able to create something that people enjoy and on top of that have it produce an income.

Various game ideas always spring up. I try to validate them verbally to my friends and family first before I do any coding. The ones that pass this stage I build rough prototypes purely focused on the gameplay to test out how fun that aspect alone is. Currently I have two prime candidates that I have been chipping away at. These are both worth pursuing to develop into full fledged products and both are fresh IP. Each are being developed for the Android platform so Pac-Ball fans will be excited to get the first crack at them.

The devil is in the detail though so they are still not ready to release. Although, one of these is steadily nearing completion and is about to enter the final stage of polish. It's always fun to see the whole project come together and is one of the best parts of the whole process.

Do not let life and it's many distractions get in the way of your true passions.

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