Full Stack Development
Connecting your web content to a mobile device for a seamless customer experience may be what you are looking for. A web application that you can login to and manage your mobile app content with a solid administration system allows for any team member to update your apps and content without having to release a mobile app update that can take days to finalize. Add some automation into the mix to make things completely time efficient and optimize your business where it matters.
Web Application Development
I consider anything that requires a web based log in system to be a web application. With my self developed Corv PHP Framework I can build any web application a client needs relatively fast. This can range from an e-commerce website, custom blog, digital content distribution, content management, social networking site, and much more. A custom administrator interface to manage everything related to the web application is included. If you can dream it up, I can build it.
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Android App Development
The Android ecosystem is the largest smartphone market to date with a growing user base all over the world. A native Android capable app is a must have for any company out there wanting to reach a huge customer base. I have experience implementing In-App Purchases, Push Notifications, Rich Animations, Facebook Sign In, Social Media Sharing, Backend Communication, Advertising Platforms, 3rd Party SDKs, SQLite Databases, Tablet Friendly and much more.
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Website Development
What I consider front end development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and other web development technologies allows for a rich and interactive customer experience. With an online presence a company can launch a brand within a matter of days and tap into massive social media marketing avenues for a stream of constant customers. With responsive web design in mind your website will be mobile capable from the start.
Android Game Development
Bringing your game idea to fruition is now possible with my experience developing and launching full featured games. Using my 2D Corv Game Engine I can develop prototypes, demos, and complete games in a relatively short amount of time. It took me six weeks to develop my first commercial game Pac-Ball from idea to launch, and now it has over a million downloads. With various monetization avenue possibilities ranging from Paid/Free, Virtual Goods, Feature Unlocks, Virtual Currency, and more successful game titles will thrive.
Web Game Development
With today's many wifi connected devices online games will be a growing market that can be embraced today. With HTML5's canvas I have ported my Corv Game Engine and the result has been rappid prototyping capabilities and a constantly playable game experience throughout the development process. Great for the whole team to instantly see their assets ready to upload and test. This and much more is possible with the online game capabilities available only in recent years with HTML5 and it will only get better.
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